Hello guys, few weeks I had a busy schedule, so I can’t concentrate on blogging. Now I’m back with more ideas to be shared with you all.

Here I’m going to give you a simple snippet of "Retrieving the content type enabled lists" from the site using Client Object Model.

            ClientContext context = new ClientContext("http://localhost");
            Web web = context.Web;

   //Load all the lists from web
            ListCollection listCollection = web.Lists;    
   //Filters the lists has the content type enabled
                lists => lists
                    .Include(list => list.Title)
                    .Where(list => list.ContentTypesEnabled)                   
   //Execute the Query
            Console.WriteLine("Lists enabled with ContentType:");
   //Print the Content type enabled lists
            foreach (var list in listCollection)

The above code only returns the List collection from particular web, those are content type enabled. Next time, I’ll back with another interesting SP2010 snippet.