Enable USB File Transfer on Android Lollipop

Use this tutorial to successfully connect the USB file transfer from Android device and Computer.

  1. Go to Settings > Storage
  2. In the Storage option, tab the three vertical dotsthreedots in top to have “USB Computer Connection” option
  3. Tab that “USB Computer Connection” fly-out menu

    USB computer connection
    USB computer connection
  4. From the connection view, check any of the below options to transfer files between the computer and android device.
    • Media Device (MTP) – Option used to enable files in computer
    • Camera (PTP) – Option used to enable transfer phots using camera software and also transfer the file with computers that don’t support MTP

    USB computer connection options
    USB computer connection options

Now connect the Android device with the Computer using USB cable to transfer files.

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Shantha Kumar
Shantha Kumar
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  1. Using Lollipop on HTC One and I can confirm this does NOT work: There is no settings/options/three-vertical-dots menu on the storage screen. I can provide screenshots if you like.

    Can confirm this happens both while on the charger or not. Both while Dev Options are toggled on or off, USB Debugging toggled on or off.

    Please advise.

  2. I think I’ve turned off MTP because the computer doesn’t see my S4. However, when I go to the storage screen there is no “three dots” or magnifying glass. I have a similar bar graph (except mine is labeled “Device memory.”) Anyone know how to get to the MTP menu if you don’t have the three dots in the storage menu?

  3. same problem on LG D725 (“G3”) with Lollipop: No 3-dot setting menu for storage. PC does not show the phone as a device.

  4. On the LG phones (and probably others), you can’t get to the USB options until you actually plug the phone into a USB port, and only then does a notification bar button become available to access the options.

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