Windows Server Appfabric: Install error

I tried an option to install the SharePoint 2016 Prerequisites by manually download and install it. So I have used the power shell script provided in the below link and the script helps me to download manually. (The link also provides the script to install and configuration of the prerequisites – But I didn’t used that, instead I do something different)

Based on the link provided in the above link, downloaded the Windows Server AppFabric and manually installed it.

After that I have run the “Install Software Prerequisites” from SharePoint 2016 installation file to verify everything installed manually is correct. There comes the issue that says “Windows Server Appfabric: Installation error“.

After some research I got to know, the prerequisites installs the file and configure it automatically. If we install manually, then we are trying to bypass the configuration, so that we have received the error.  Based on my research, we got multiple solutions too and i included below.

Solution 1: Remove the “PSModulePath” entry in system environment variables and then try to run the “Install Software Prerequisites“. Now everything run fine.



Solution 2: Run the prerequisites in command prompt and try to install required files. (I didn’t try this)

After running the solution 1 approach, everything smoothly runs and completed the installation successfully.


4 thoughts on “Windows Server Appfabric: Install error

  1. Haroon Reply

    Thanks Shantha, deleting PSModulePath solved my installer issue.

    it really helped.


  2. Anthony Romaine Reply

    This was the correct solution for me.
    Unlike the many other posts about this issue which were ‘Fake News’

    Thank you,
    Anthony Romaine

  3. Gregory Ponto Reply

    Brilliant, worked all day on this and your solution worked. Thanks so much!

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