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Updating SharePoint ListItems

There are two methods available to update the List Items on SPListItem Object. SPListItem.Update(); SPListItem.SystemUpdate(); SPListItem.Update() used to update all the values in SharePoint List Item including pre-defined hidden fields. If we modified the item, that will affects the Modified… Continue Reading →

SharePoint Daily Alerts – 3

If the user want to choose cascade or Restrict option for the lookup field, that user must have the ManageLists permission for the Lookup List. To View the list of Permissions, check the SPBasePermissions enumeration.

How to get InternalName in ListEdit Page

In SharePoint the column or field has two names. One is DisplayName, used to view the field name publically in all pages and another is InternalName used internally to refer the Field. This Internal name will be used in CAML Queries, during… Continue Reading →

Uploading File from Local Machine to SharePoint ListItem as an attachment

To attach the file from Local Machine to SharePoint ListItem as an attachment, Import the System.IO namespace to use the Stream Class to read the file contents. Use System.Web.UI.WebControls.FileUpload control is named as fileUpload in code. Sample code for uploading the… Continue Reading →

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