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Export properties of all lists using Microsoft 365 CLI

Sample script helps to export all list properties using Microsoft 365 CLI command

PnP-JS-Core: Get all non-hidden lists from SharePoint site

This blog share the information on retrieving all the non hidden lists and libraries from SharePoint site using Pnp JavaScript Library

Get SharePoint Lists with Unique Permissions using PnP JavaScript Library

This blog share the details on getting the SharePoint Lists with Unique Permissions from the Site using PnP JavaScript Library

PnP-JS-Core: Get url from all lists from SharePoint Site

This post contains the code example to get all lists with specified properties from site using PnP JavaScript Library.

SharePoint Database SQL Query Tips1

Today onwards on daily basis, I decided to post the Sql Query to access the SharePoint Databases. To know more about the databases in Sharepoint , check my SharePoint Databases Post. To retrieve all lists from the database, use the… Continue Reading →

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