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Identify the Publishing site in SharePoint using PnP Core Component

This post contains the code-snippet returns the current web is Publishing or not

Basic SharePoint web operations using PnP Javascript library

Introduction: In this article, we will cover how to use the PnP JS Core library to do some basic web site operations in SharePoint. To know more about this library, check the below links Simplified JavaScript Library for SharePoint PnP-JS-Core… Continue Reading →

Get web object from SharePoint using CSOM (PnP Core Component)

This post contains the code-snippet returns the web information from SharePoint using PnP core component

Simplified JavaScript Library for SharePoint

In modern tech world, most of the applications are revolve around client side development. SharePoint also concentrated most on client side development from SharePoint 2010 onwards by introducing the different type of Client side APIs. Below are the commonly used… Continue Reading →

Delete child site from SharePoint using CSOM (PnP Core Component)

This blog contains the code-snippet used to delete the child site based on the provided url.

Get all website URLs from SharePoint site using CSOM (PnP Core Component)

This blog contains the codesnippet returns the collections of the URLs of all web sites that are contained within the site collection including the top-level site and its sub sites.

WebExtensions.CreateWeb (PnP Core Component)

WebExtensions.CreateWeb – This CSOM extension method from PnP Core Component used to create a new sub-site under the parent web in SharePoint. Supports: SharePoint 2013+, SharePoint Online Assembly: OfficeDevPnP.Core.dll Namespace: Microsoft.SharePoint.Client There are two extension CreateWeb methods are provided in PnP… Continue Reading →

Authenticate SharePoint using PnP Authentication Manager

Authentication Manager is one of the key capability from PnP core component and it provides the methods to authenticate different SharePoint environments (SharePoint Online, SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2016) irrespective of any authentication methods configured to the SharePoint sites…..

Introduction to PnP Core Component

This blog gives you the basics about PnP core component and its different key capabilities. And also explains how to add this component to your solution.

CSOM Extension Methods for SharePoint

PnP – Patterns and Practices community team released a three different CSOM Extensions for each versions of SharePoint in a Nuget package and the source is available in github.

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