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Delete old Item with new Item using SharePoint Designer Workflow

I have a scenario from SharePoint MSDN Forum, which states, If I have an item Title named ‘Kumar’ and I am going to create a new item with Title named ‘Kumar. I need to delete the old item. Note: In… Continue Reading →

Why Workflow not started on Item Creation?

There are some cases, why the workflow was not started during item creation, 1. If you create an item using System Account, the workflow will not funtion properly or that couldn’t start. 2. The workflow start option was not enabled… Continue Reading →

Resolve issue – Workflow Email Notification

Today my colleague asked me to solve the issue on Approval Email notification link issue. The issues is, Approval notification mails has the links that pointed to Default zone url instead of Intranet url if they are browsing through Intranet… Continue Reading →

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