No Excel Calculation Services is available in the farm.


 This was the error, i recieved recently when i open an Excel sheet in browser.  I didn’t recived this error before, so i searched in recent log file. That file list out the following line

03/04/2009 14:27:33.07    w3wp.exe (0x14C4)    0x020C     Excel Services      Excel Services Web Front End  5pad    Critical     No Excel Calculation Services is available in the farm.[User: SHAREPOINTsystem]

Then i understood, there is no Excel Calculation Services available in my Server Farm. So, I moved to my Central Administration Page,

  • Central Administration -> Operations -> Services on Server 
  •  Select Excel Calculation server role radio button
  • Start the Excel Calaculation Services

Now I moved back to my Excel sheets Library and clicked the Excel File. Now all works fine for me…

Shantha Kumar
Shantha Kumar
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  1. Hi Shantha Kumar,

    I have the same issue, but the when i go to services on server, the excel calculation server radio button is disabled. any thoughts how to enable the radio button to make the excel services available in my server form.


  2. Hi Shantha Kumar,
    I am currently facing the same issue, while debugging my code I can able to access the sharepoint sites & lists from my custom page. But when I host that website on IIS it’s giving me the same error
    “The security validation for this page is invalid. Click Back in your Web browser, refresh the page, and try your operation again.”

    I had tried out all the options you have mentioned as well as few others.

    1. Set AllowUnsafeUpdates property of SPWeb / SPSite to true
    2. Set web.Site.WebApplication.FormDigestSettings.Enabled to false
    3. writing code inside SPSecurity.RunWithElevatedPrivileges()
    4. using WindowsImpersonationContext wic = WindowsIdentity.GetCurrent().Impersonate()
    5. Changing authentication provider in Central Administration
    • Central Administration > Application Management > Authentication Providers
    • Select “Zone”
    • Check “Enable Anonymous Access”
    6. Turn off Web Page Security Validation in Central Administration
    • Central Administration > Application Management > Web Application General Settings
    • Select the option Off in Web Page Security Validation

    But none of them working for me except turn off the security validation from Central Administration, but it’s not the safe way to do it.

    Please guide me,

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