In my WSS – User Information List post, I’ll list out the fields available under hidden “User Information List”. Now i’ll like to share the details of URL for that “User Information List”.

By using follwoing code, we can get the Users list url,

SPList userList = SPContext.Current.Web.SiteUserInfoList;
string url = userList.Forms[PAGETYPE.PAGE_DISPLAYFORM].Url;

the above code will return like the following url http://mysite/_layouts/userdisp.aspx. But, this url is not the exact url.

The actual url for “User Information List” available under _Catalogs folder.
FYI, I list out the url’s here,

  • http://mysite/_catalogs/users/detail.aspx
                Shows the detail view of only Users in the list.
  • http://mysite/_catalogs/users/simple.aspx
                Shows the simple view of only Users in the List
  • http://mysite/_catalogs/users/allgroups.aspx
                Shows all the groups without users available in Site.

In my next post, i’ll explain about the default folders available in this “User Information List”.