I noticed in MSDN forums, many of them are struggling with creation of sub-sites using webservice in sharepoint.

I take a look on that, Because they are all try to use CreatSite method in Admin webservice. But that will help only on creating SiteCollections.

Then how we can create a susite? It’s very easy if you are look in to Meetings webservice. This will have a CreateWorkspace method.

URL for Meetings webservice: ~site/_vti_bin/meetings.asmx

Syntax :
 CreateWorkspace([Site Title],[Site Template],[LCID],[TimeZone Information]);

Sample Code:
MeetingWebService.Meetings WMService = new MeetingWebService.Meetings(); MeetingWebService.TimeZoneInf tz = new MeetingWebService.TimeZoneInf(); XmlNode xnode= WMService.CreateWorkspace(“sitename”, “STS#0”, 1033, tz);

:) Cheers guys