If you are come around core.js file, you all can see many functions available on that file.Those fuctions are very usefull when we need that in customization, for instance

We have a relative url of the current sharepoint site, I need to convert that relative url to absolute url, there comes a simple method called makeAbsUrl

The core.js file can be found @

<Root Directory>:Program FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft Sharedweb server extensions12TEMPLATELAYOUTS1033

Method syntax:


//Code in core.js
function makeAbsUrl(strUrl)
if (strUrl.length > 0 && “/”==strUrl.substr(0, 1))
return strUrl;

Example 1:


The above function retuns a value http://server/Lists/Allitems.aspx

Example 2:

If we have a subsite, then we can use makeAbsUrl as


L_Menu_BaseUrl returns a absolute path of the site.

L_Menu_BaseUrl = /sites/subsite

Now we have return value as http://server/sites/subsite/Lists/AllItems.aspx