Happy New Year 2011

               Thanks for all guys, who are all pass through my blog even one time. I have made lot of mistakes on current year, like not replied back to my blog visitors and i have failed on publishing my new usefull tools for the SharePoint. I say sorry for all the guys for not replied back and also to my clients. The 2010 was not my favourite year, have faced lot of problems and most of them are solved.

               I have learned more new things in .NET Technologies, php, wordpress and especially well – versed in SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint 2010 on current year.And I have Successfully Completed the four Microsoft Certification exams in SharePoint 2010.

               Now I’m looking for the entirely happy year and looking to create a new usefull tools on SharePoint.  And I’m planning to host a new site dedicated entirely to SharePoint. Going to start the new series of posts called “SharePoint Daily Alerts” by day to day from January 1st onwards. That contains tips, tricks, hidden areas in SharePoint.

That’s all for now and i’ll be back with lot of interesting news and ideas, so stay tuned.

We will welcome a New Year with lot of happiness. Happy New Year 2011.

Shantha Kumar
Shantha Kumar
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