Today my colleague asked me to solve the issue on Approval Email notification link issue. The issues is, Approval notification mails has the links that pointed to Default zone url instead of Intranet url if they are browsing through Intranet URL.

Actually we created the Web application with 80 port and to access externally we have added 1000 port and different host address and binded this url in IIS 7.0.

for ex,

Default Zone – http://machine-name 
Intranet Zone –


As per in picture, select the 80 port and remove that from Website Bindings in IIS.

Then remove the url (http://machine-name) from Default Zone in Alternate Access Mappings on respective Web Application through Central Administration and replace the url  from Intranet zone to Default Zone .

So, currently we are having only one zone with url, and one binding for the website in IIS.

After that, the workflow Notifications email has the link to the intranet url. here’s the main issue is binding the Url’s manually added to the IIS. So the notification links has taken the Primary Default Zone url.