Few days before, I got an idea on creating a new Programming Language for Tamil. Before starting, I google to search any other programming languages is already available in Tamil. On Search I have found two programming languages available for Tamil.
It’s great to know that tamil language already got a two programming languages. But I couldn’t get a Executable or Source files. So I have decided to mail them to request the source and executable files on those languages.
1) Ezhil – http://arxiv.org/ftp/arxiv/papers/0907/0907.4960.pdf
2) Swaram – http://www.infitt.org/ti2003/papers/15_ganesh.pdf

I looked their specifications, from that I have got some idea about how the structure and what are words we can use in our new Programming languages.

Today I am just thinking about a new name for Programming Language, TA – த (The First Letter from Tamil word) – Tamil Programming Language. I think everybody likes this name.

Now I got the name, then what are the other things I have to do,
Language to be used to create a new Programming Language. I’d prefer to use ‘C’ and ‘C#’.
To identify the suitable pure Tamil words for semantics.
How the Programming structure looks like.

First I have thought about using C & C++ also C#. Now I have decided to start with C# to get advanced facilities from that, in meanwhile I’ll also update in C++ to support all other environments.

What about Editor?
First we have to create a editor for programming, compiling. Before that we must know about the Unicode codes for Tamil letters. We can view that for
TSCII here
TSCII to UNICODE Conversion here
Then I have searched, is there any Tamil editors available as Open Source. The I have thought we can create our own editor for this, that will give flexible in typing and compiling.

And then we have to plan for how the programming structure will look and about the semantics. And what are features we can incorporate in first edition.
I have decided to use the tamil words which easily understood by all. So that developers who’s going to use our language will easily understand.

I need all your help on developing the new Programming Language for Tamil. So that I have started a new separated blog in Tamil and English to update the regular news about the development of TA Language. So we can jointly develop this language, which will be a start for Tamil Language to go on another step.

I have also created a account in Facebook and Twitter. I would like who ever knows, Tamil can help us to develop the TA – Language.

Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/ta.tamilnirali
Twitter – https://twitter.com/ta_tamilnirali

Blog in Tamil – http://tamilniralita.wordpress.com/
Blog in English – http://tamilprogrammingta.wordpress.com/

Contact Mail – tamilniralita@gmail.com , tamilniral@gmail.com