Two weeks before, I got some interest in Azure Services after seeing lot of tweets (@ktskumar) my following list, videos from and more blogs. Those things got my attention and so I thought to try out other than SharePoint and its related stuffs.

I got this link Microsoft Azure: Cloud Computing Platform and Services when I google “Azure Services” but for the same term I got this link in bing search Directory of Azure Cloud Services | Microsoft Azure as a first result item. This is not I want to talk about, so we continue on azure links,

I have no idea on which one to follow, so I opened the both of the links and got lot of information on both sites.
1. Directory of Azure Cloud Services | Microsoft Azure
This page lists out the various services available in Azure services with some information. As per site they have 3 popular services App Service, SQL Database, and Virtual Machines

2. Microsoft Azure: Cloud Computing Platform and Services
This site shows the solutions provided by Azure cloud platform with three video series links
Get Started – Redirect to the page has 3 mins video teach about how to quickly start with Azure
Free Webinars – Register and view the available webinar videos.
Azure Friday – 10 min weekly video series presented by Scott Hanselman

Now we come to the main picture, that to try out a Azure by clicking on Free Trial (this link is available in both sites). That link redirect us to

Azure Services Free Trial

Azure Services Free Trial

Ofcourse as I am developer want to explore the Azure Services, so I clicked “Try it Now” instead of buy now option. That redirects me to sign in page, there I have given my Microsoft account details (I already have, if we didn’t have one, that page provides the option for user to signup).

Once I have given right credentials, we will be redirect to There we have asked to fill the
About You
Automatically populates user’s information and provides the option to change those information
Mobile Verification
Verified with my registered mobile
Payment Details
They are saying this is for verification purposes. As a beginner to Azure Services wants to explore it, why I have to share my Credit card information?. Still I haven’t fill the details and I couldn’t see anywhere in the page says its a mandatory.
Declaration with Sign Up button
Selected “I Agree” check box and clicked the Sign Up button.

Azure Services Sign Up

Azure Services Sign Up

During the button click event nothing happens like redirection, instead it asking us to fill the Payment information.

Here how could the beginner developer or fresh person came to explore or develop applications on Azure would provide the credit card details to start? This is like a barrier on starting Azure Services for the head start.

I am in the middle of the area, about to try this or not. Stay tuned on my blog to have more information.