Unlock user to access Office 365

This article will show you how to un-lock the user to access Office 365 sites & services using Office 365 admin center.

A user should require a user account in office 365 to sign in and access the office 365 site and services. The admin center provides a feasibility to manage the users in Office 365.

This article will cover on how to unlock the blocked user to access office 365 sites and services using Office 365 admin center. Based on that user can gain access to the office 365 sites and services.

To lock the user using Office 365 admin center, click Lock user from accessing Office 365

Unblock Sign-In Status to User:

The status of users will be changed to “Blocked” once we block the Sign-In status.

Below are the steps used to allow the user to sign in to Office 365,

  1. Login to Office 365 admin center from https://portal.microsoft.com by using the work account.
  2. Go to Office 365 Admin Center by navigating through app launcher or through URL ( https://portal.office.com/AdminPortal/home )
  3. From the Left navigation, click Users to expand options and then select “Active Users”. It will redirect us to Active Users Page
  4. In Active Users page, select any one of blocked user. Immediately a pop out opens and display the user information and manage options,

    Active Users Page
    Fig 1: Active Users Page
  5. In row of Sign-in status, we can view the sign-in status for the selected user. In above image, user is blocked on signing in to office 365 services.
  6. Click Edit to open a manage Sign-in status page, there select “Sign-in allowed” and click save button.

    Sign-In Status Confirmation Page
    Fig 3: Sign-In Status Confirmation Page
  7. This will update the status of sign-in and shows the below confirmation page with the message “sign-in status was updated from blocked to allowed

    Sign-In Status Page
    Fig 2: Sign-In Status Page
  8. Click close to return back to Active Users page. There we will view that user’s “TestUser One” status shows license type.

    Active Users
    Fig 4: Active Users


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