Manage Dashboard in Microsoft 365 Admin Center

Get an overview on new modern Microsoft 365 Admin Center.... And get an idea on cards / widgets available in the admin dashboard.

Office 365 Admin center is now renamed to Microsoft 365 Admin Center and the UI revamp also updated and that is currently in preview mode. Here we can see the overview of the new revamped page.

Microsoft 365 = Windows 10 + Office 365 + (Enterprise + Mobility ). So the new admin center enables us to manage all three different platforms in a single location.
The old admin center looks like below,

Toggle “Try the Preview” option available in top right corner of the page to turn on the new look and feel and it looks like below,

As same a old admin UI, in new look and feel also, we can manage the widgets / cards in the page. And here we can drag and drop the cards, where ever we want.

Add Card widget to Dashboard:

To add a new card, click on Add Card link available on top right. This will open a panel in right side with available cards. We have to click and drag & drop these cards, where ever we want.


At present, Microsoft Admin Center has below 8 cards. They are

  • User Management
  • Billing
  • Azure Active Directory
  • Service Health
  • Message Center
  • Office 365 Active users report
  • Office 365 Software
  • Training & Guides
  • Data Loss Prevention Report

Remove card widget from Dashboard:

To remove the card from the Admin dashboard, click on ellipses () available on the card header and then click Remove menu. After removing, card will be moved to “Add Card’ right side panel.

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Shantha Kumar
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