Get Custom Font Package Based on Id using Power Automate

How to get the custom font package information from SharePoint Online using Power Automate

SharePoint Online has the Brand Center, which enables us to use OOTB Font packages and Custom Font Packages to the Site Collections. Let’s see on how to use the Power Automate to get the custom font package information form SharePoint site.


/_api/FontPackages/GetById(<font package id>)

Let’s create a Power Automate and employ the “Send an HTTP request to SharePoint” action and input the details below,

Action Inputs

Site Address SharePoint Site Collection URL
I have added an environment variable
Method GET
Uri _api/FontPackages/GetById(<fontpackageid>)
Headers Accept: application/json;odata=verbose
Content-Type: application/json;odata=verbose

Power Automate Action

Response Body


This request retrieves the single custom font package information based on selected font package id.

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Shantha Kumar
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