Simplifying Power Automate: Transitioning to New Designer in Power Automate

Explore the seamless transition of a Power Automate flow to the new designer, overcoming connection challenges and optimizing workflow efficiency

Are you new to Power Automate and feeling a bit stuck? Let us tackle a common issue together and learn how to solve it, even if you are just getting started! 

  • I created a Power Automate flow in an environment without initially adding it to any solution. 
  • After creating the flow, I later decided to incorporate it into a solution. Upon moving it to the solution and opening the flow, I attempted to view it in the new designer. 
  • However, I encountered a warning message stating, “New designer can’t be used for this flow yet,” accompanied by a button labelled “See reasons”. 

  • Upon investigating, I discovered that this message indicated that some action within this flow was directly utilizing a connection rather than being added to a connection reference. 
  • To resolve this issue, I removed the old connection, created a new connection reference, and linked it to the action in flow, then saved the flow. 

  • After saving the changes, I closed and reopened the flow. This time, the warning message was no longer present, and I was able to enable the “New designer” toggle. With the toggle enabled, the flow opening seamlessly in the new designer mode, functioning perfectly. 

By taking things one step at a time and understanding how they work, you have fixed a frequent problem in Power Automate. Remember, it is all about learning and trying new things. Keep exploring, and you will become a Power Automate whiz in no time! 

Shantha Kumar
Shantha Kumar
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