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SharePoint Database SQL Query Tips4

Where are the Documents or files we uploaded or attached stored in sharepoint? Many of them know, those files are stored under SharePoint Content Database. But on which database table, on which format? For that, i did a quick research… Continue Reading →

SharePoint Database SQL Query Tips3

Now, we are going to retrive the file details from AllDocs Database. Which has the informations about the files stored in SharePoint List or Library. — Returns all document from all lists availabe in WebApplication SELECT AllDocs.Leafname AS FileName’,                   AllDOcs.Dirname AS ‘Folder… Continue Reading →

SharePoint Database SQL Query Tips2

Today, we are going to see the query for returning Webs and Site Collections available in the Database (WebApplication). –Returns Total Number of Site Collections in WebApplication select  count(*) as ‘Total Site Collection’ from sites –Returns Root Site Title for each… Continue Reading →

SharePoint Database SQL Query Tips1

Today onwards on daily basis, I decided to post the Sql Query to access the SharePoint Databases. To know more about the databases in Sharepoint , check my SharePoint Databases Post. To retrieve all lists from the database, use the… Continue Reading →

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