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Validate GUID using javascript in SharePoint

There are lot of javascript snippets available to validate the guid string and that requires some number of codes. But SharePoint JSOM provides the single property to validate the GUID format, this will save our time and lines of code.

Why Workflow not started on Item Creation?

There are some cases, why the workflow was not started during item creation, 1. If you create an item using System Account, the workflow will not funtion properly or that couldn’t start. 2. The workflow start option was not enabled… Continue Reading →

Inherit / Stop Web Site Top-Level Navigation

We have two option on Top Link bar navigation, either we can inherit the Top-Link bar from the parent site or use the own Top-Level navigation. Sharing the Top-link bar can be achieved through browser interface by navigating, 1) Site… Continue Reading →

Hide In-active Ribbon Controls

On SharePoint 2010 Pages, we can view the lot of ribbon controls (buttons, menus, labels, etc…). But all of the controls are not active for all the times. It has some reasons for disabling those controls, maybe The user doesn’t had the… Continue Reading →

Restore default and List view pages

If we accidently deleted the default.aspx and List view pages from SharePoint sites, SharePoint 2007 doesn’t provides the option to restore those pages.  We have to manually create or reset the site to “site definition” to restore those pages. But SharePoint… Continue Reading →

SharePoint Daily Alert – 7

Content Scheduling – Content can be sheduled (by timer job) to be published or unpublished at specific dates and times. Content Scheduling was avaialble only the following conditions are true, 1. Content Approval was Enabled on Versioning Settings 2. Create major… Continue Reading →

SharePoint Daily Alerts – 6

Themes in SharePoint Server 2010 have been redesigned to simplify the process of generating themes. Themes created in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 are not compatible with SharePoint Server 2010. If you are upgrading from Office SharePoint Server 2007 to… Continue Reading →

SharePoint Daily Alerts – 5

SharePoint 2010 provides a three new Client API’s for interacting with SharePoint. .Net Managed Application Silverlight Application ECMA Script These API’s are much easier to use than already exsiting WebServices. The recomended Client API was .Net Managed Application than WebServices.

SharePoint Daily Alerts – 2

If you want to include Web Part zones on page layouts but prevent authors from inserting navigation Web Parts into these zones, you can change the permissions that are required to use navigation Web Parts in the Web Parts gallery… Continue Reading →

SP2010 – Tips & tricks 1

Hello guys, few weeks I had a busy schedule, so I can’t concentrate on blogging. Now I’m back with more ideas to be shared with you all. Here I’m going to give you a simple snippet of "Retrieving the content… Continue Reading →

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