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Do you want to break the permission inheritance in SharePoint using JSOM?

Code snippets helps you to break the permission inheritance in SharePoint for the list, list item and subsite.

Enable / Disable Page Customization Access

SP.Site (JS) is an object from SharePoint javascript api, which is used to retrieve the collection of site collections and its sub sites from the web application. There are some useful properties and methods available in SP.Site object, that can… Continue Reading →

Enable / Disable Master Page Customization in Site Collection

This post contains the JSOM examples to enable or disable the access to Master Page customization in SharePoint Site Collection.

Enable / Disable SharePoint Designer access to Site Collection

The code snippets in below examples used to disable or enable the SharePoint Designer access to Site Owners and Site Designers using SharePoint JSOM.

Properties Used: SP.Site.allowDesigner (SP.js)

JSOM: Update SharePoint List Title

The example in this post helps to update and retrieve the title and description of the particular list.
Properties Used: SP.List.title (SP.js) and SP.List.description (SP.js)

JSOM: Get Content Types for SharePoint Web

The code snippet used to return the collection for content types for the particular SharePoint Web.
Properties Used: SP.Web.ContentTypes (SP.js)

JSOM: Get all content types from SharePoint web

The code snippet which helps to get the collection of available content types from the site and from any of the parent sites.
Properties Used: SP.Web.availableContentTypes property (sp.js)

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