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Remote Identification of SharePoint Version

SharePoint has lot of hidden files and methods which provides lot of information about the server and sites. Now we can see one of the hidden area from the vast of SharePoint Sea. SharePoint sites has the hidden file which… Continue Reading →

SharePoint Time Zone Collections from Regional Settings Page

Today I have something new in my plate, ie., explore new CSOM package release for Office 365. So I have downloaded the package as mentioned in that post and tried some coding stuff(will publish the detail post later). From the… Continue Reading →

Inherit / Stop Web Site Top-Level Navigation

We have two option on Top Link bar navigation, either we can inherit the Top-Link bar from the parent site or use the own Top-Level navigation. Sharing the Top-link bar can be achieved through browser interface by navigating, 1) Site… Continue Reading →

Hide In-active Ribbon Controls

On SharePoint 2010 Pages, we can view the lot of ribbon controls (buttons, menus, labels, etc…). But all of the controls are not active for all the times. It has some reasons for disabling those controls, maybe The user doesn’t had the… Continue Reading →

Restore default and List view pages

If we accidently deleted the default.aspx and List view pages from SharePoint sites, SharePoint 2007 doesn’t provides the option to restore those pages.  We have to manually create or reset the site to “site definition” to restore those pages. But SharePoint… Continue Reading →

SP2010 – Tips & tricks 1

Hello guys, few weeks I had a busy schedule, so I can’t concentrate on blogging. Now I’m back with more ideas to be shared with you all. Here I’m going to give you a simple snippet of "Retrieving the content… Continue Reading →

Enable Internal Name in Create Column page

In SharePoint out-of-Box, we can’t able to add the internal name for the SharePoint field i.e., Columns. But we can enable that by modifying the Create column page on 12 Hive. For that we have to modify the FldNew.aspx page,… Continue Reading →

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