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Calling SharePoint webservice using JQuery

This post will explains you about, how to connect and retrieve the SharePoint data’s by calling SharePoint webservices using JQuery. This will be helpful in displaying SharePoint content in Pages without using Server side scripts and other long coding; we… Continue Reading →

Creating sub-sites using WebService

I noticed in MSDN forums, many of them are struggling with creation of sub-sites using webservice in sharepoint. I take a look on that, Because they are all try to use CreatSite method in Admin webservice. But that will help only on… Continue Reading →

Download Document from SharePoint Library using WebService

In this post, I am going to explain about downloading a document from sharepoint library using webservice, For that we need following things, Read the contents from Document, located in SharePoint Library Create and store the contents on a new… Continue Reading →

Upload document from Local Machine to SharePoint Library using WebService

In my previous post i’m explained about the members of Copy Web Service. For uploading a document from any local machine to sharepoint document library is possible by using CopyInToItems method. Though, the syntax for that method is, public uint… Continue Reading →

SharePoint Copy WebService – Part 1

Summary about Copy webservice in sharepoint

SharePoint sites creation using C# through WebServices

I am a new to SharePoint webservices and now working on customizing webservices for sharepoint. Here is a sample code for creating a site in SharePoint using it’s webservices. Creating Site: To create a site, project requires a methods to access sites for… Continue Reading →

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