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Top 8 exciting innovations across Microsoft 365 – Microsoft Ignite 2019

Covers the highlights of excited innovation announcements across Microsoft 365 from Microsoft Ignite 2019

Programmatically access Office 365 User Licenses using Microsoft Graph

Here, you can learn how to access the user licenses from the Office 365 tenant using Microsoft Graph API with an simple client side application.

Microsoft Ignite 2017

Details about Microsoft Ignite 2017

2017 – New Year with a bang

New year starts with the bang. First of all I Wishing everyone and your family a joyful, bright, healthy, prosperous and happiest new year ahead. This year may bring lot of surprises and we pray all are should be a… Continue Reading →

Another year has gone!!!

Hello everyone, Its nice to see you again to my blog. For last few months I haven’t added any posts here, and I’m enjoying the tight schedule around me. Even though I have shared my thoughts in and around some… Continue Reading →

SharePoint Time Zone Collections from Regional Settings Page

Today I have something new in my plate, ie., explore new CSOM package release for Office 365. So I have downloaded the package as mentioned in that post and tried some coding stuff(will publish the detail post later). From the… Continue Reading →

த (TA) – New Tamil Programming Language

Few days before, I got an idea on creating a new Programming Language for Tamil. Before starting, I google to search any other programming languages is already available in Tamil. On Search I have found two programming languages available for… Continue Reading →

Joyful June 2011

June 2011 becomes my favorable month, couple of good things are happened during this month. One of that happens on June 5th in the form of my marriage which was a beautiful moment in my life, after a 4 long… Continue Reading →

Microsoft Community Contributor Award – 2011

I was surprised on Thursday morning, when I saw my inbox, which has the Microsoft Community Contributor award mail from Microsoft. I am very pleased and share this with you all that my community contributions are recognized by Microsoft.

Happy New Year 2011

               Thanks for all guys, who are all pass through my blog even one time. I have made lot of mistakes on current year, like not replied back to my blog visitors and i have failed on publishing my new… Continue Reading →

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