Hello everyone, Its nice to see you again to my blog. For last few months I haven’t added any posts here, and I’m enjoying the tight schedule around me. Even though I have shared my thoughts in and around some public sharing sites.

C-SharpCorner holds my unique articles and some blogs with code snippets. Every one can check my shared article from here

I have founded another site, which is entirely dedicated to SharePoint called spknowledge.com . I am planning to incorporate every news around SharePoint. From the coming new year, it looks fresh and share lot around you.

Codeplex has been my primary site to share my simple projects and codes. Now that place is occupied by GitHub and I have started sharing my snippets to github under the name spknowledge. Have planning to share my testing projects and snippets here. The same can also be shared with my spknowledge.com.

Apart from SharePoint, I have learned in lot creating apps for android and windows phone. Will be shared with you as soon. And I have planned to resume my work on creating a compiler for “TA” a tamil programming language in new year 2016.

So lot of the things are in queue around me to share with you. Stay tuned and watch my blog. Thanks for everyone :).

I wish you all a happy new year, that can change our way to give more happy and enjoy full life to us. :)

See you around in new year 2016. :)