Top 8 exciting innovations across Microsoft 365 – Microsoft Ignite 2019

Covers the highlights of excited innovation announcements across Microsoft 365 from Microsoft Ignite 2019

There are lot of new things are announced in Microsoft Ignite 2019 and here I am listing out some of the key exciting innovations on Microsoft 365 from the conference.
Now a days Microsoft is infusing AI into all of its services to avoid the distraction from the work and to make Microsoft 365 a world’s productivity cloud.

1. Project Cortex (new)

Introduced as a new Service to the Microsoft 365.
This new service combines all the power of Microsoft Graph with AI, People, Content and Apps into an interactive knowledge repository.
Private Preview is available now and generally available during first half of 2020.

2. Audio enhancement in MS Stream

Microsoft Stream’s new enhanced audio feature uses AI to drop out the background noise from the video. This mainly helps to focus on the speaker’s voice content instead of hearing background noises.
Generally available in 2020

3. Templates in Whiteboard

Which is perfect for team collaboration and for mobile
Helps to collaborate, organize our thoughts and assigns tasks easier across all devices. Uses the AI to inject the object, whatever we drawn in the templates.
These templates are immediately available in public preview.

4. Custom Teams Background

Now we can change the background and blur the background during the Team meetings and chats.
This Virtual Consult feature is available in private preview

5. Intelligent content capture

Using AI, the camera detects the edges of the board and zooms in from Microsoft Surface. And makes the person visible with transparent. Able to see the content right through the person from the Team meetings.

6. Natural Language Search in Outlook

Using Microsoft Search with natural language helps to search the outlook with any content within mails, attachments, etc..

7. Image to Table conversion

Use the Image to table feature in the new Office app to take a photo of the data set.
The Office AI will recognize the table in the image and analyze it and convert it into a real Excel table.
Formatting and assigning data to tables will be handled by AI.

8. Fluid Framework (new)

A new collaboration platform. Breaking down documents into components parts. That can be collaborated on real time on different applications as well.
Available for preview in few weeks.

Microsoft is keep on announcing lot of new innovations and features during the Microsoft ignite. And I’ll cover most of those in upcoming posts.

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