What’s New in SharePoint 2010 – 2 (SharePoint Management Shell)

Another interesting SharePoint new feature. SharePoint 2010 now coming with a new management console called, “SharePoint Management Shell”. Which contains the Powershell cmdlets for SharePoint, by using this we control and manage the SharePoint operations like we done in STSADM command.
To know more information on SharePoint Management Console and basic cmdlet operation, Zach Rosenfield blog was the starting point for that. Using this tool, Now I am going to show a SharePoint cmdlet to install and activate the feature.

To Install feature,

PS> Install -SPFeature <FeatureFolderName>

To activate the feature for the site,

PS> Enable -SPFeature <FeatureFolderName> -Url http://server/subsite

Cheers, Stay tuned for the next “What’s New Feature“….

Shantha Kumar
Shantha Kumar
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