Now a days, i am fighting with SharePoint 2010 new features, that was more interesting……..

Coming to the point, SharePoint Server 2010 Enterprise edition provides a “Business Intelligence Center” Site template. Before going to create a site for Business Intelligence, we have to ensure some features are activated.

Note: “Business Intelligence Center” only available in SharePoint Server 2010 Enterprise edition.

Features to be activated before creating “Business Intelligence Center“,

  1. SharePoint Server Publishing infrastructure
    SharePoint Server Publishing feature enables the publishing components needed for Business Intelligence center.
    SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure
  2. PerformancePoint Services Site Collection Features
    Enables the Business Intelligence Center Site Template, Content types, master page & layouts etc…
    PerformancePoint Services Site Collection Features

Note: “SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure & PerformancePoint Services Site Collection Features” features should be activated in Site-Collection level.

To avoid the unexpected error on Site creation, we must enable the above mentioned features.

image After activating features, we can create BI site without getting any error.