What?? Ribbon is gone in SharePoint

Now a days, Office 365 tenants are getting UI changes to the SharePoint sites. So, far I have received UI updates for the Site Contents and Document Library pages on my trail Office 365 account.

In new UI design on those pages, one main bonded component “RIBBON interface” is missed. In SharePoint history we have used that feature for more than 6 years and now it is gone from the SharePoint interface.

We are not going in to the debate of Ribbon interface wanted or not!!

Because nothing will change except change.

According to this link, Libraries tab – bring back Microsoft declined in bringing back that Ribbon option to the SharePoint. Instead of that, Microsoft team introduced the below options to have the commands which are used in Ribbon interface for the better experience,

  • Trimmed Command Bar,
  • Right-Click menu (Right click with in File contents section)
  • Under the gear button

We will welcome the change and see what we can achieve with this..

Happy Learning :)

Shantha Kumar
Shantha Kumar
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  1. Microsoft stinks! I used to love SharePoint … they have destroyed everything that made SharePoint powerful and attractive. Leave it up to Microsoft to kill their own product…. sad

    • Look at Skype. Use to be a great application. Now it looks like crap, runs like crap and hogs up all your system resources. Go to Windows Task Manager and see your memory and CPU pushed up to 100%. Microsoft has no clue when it comes to streamlining, great application design and simplicity in an application. They make “enhancements” to their app that are nothing but a hindrance to the end-user, The applications become cumbersome and are no longer intuitive to use. Trying to get to “fancy” with the looks has deteriorated functionality and ease of use.

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