Trigger a flow When a new Channel is created in MS Teams

Learn how to trigger the Flow in Power Automate when a new Channel is created in Microsoft teams.

Power Automate is one of the Powerful services in the Power Platform. It contains a lot of triggers and activities to run a workflow. But when comes to Microsoft Teams, it still lacks in a certain area. One of the scenarios is When I searched for a trigger to start after creating a new channel under the Teams. But there is no trigger available for that.

Before moving into Power Automate, we must understand how the Teams and Channels work in Microsoft 365. When we create a new Team in MS Teams, it creates Office 365 Group, SharePoint Site and a default channel called General.

General will be created under Documents Library in a SharePoint Site. So, whenever a new Channel is created, there is folder will be created under Documents Library.

Channel = Folder in Documents (Shared Documents) Library

So, instead of searching for a Channel trigger, we can use When an Items is created trigger and provide the SharePoint Site URL and enter the Documents library name as a custom value

Channel creation Trigger

Then add a condition to check, whether the new items is Folder and also Parent Folder name is Shared Documents/ to ensure the trigger run only on top folder creation.

Channel Validation condition

Folder path  = Shared Documents/    and  IsFodler = true

If the condition is true, run your actions. Otherwise, the created new item is not a channel.

Run actions after the Channel is validated

Even though we can use this option to trigger the workflow for Channel creation. If the user creates a new folder manually in the Document library, the above Power Automate thinks that a new Channel is created. Hope this helps everyone to run the actions when you create a new Channel in the Teams.


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