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Add gradient background to PowerApps application

Stylish the Power Apps application is mostly the lot of developers wanted. when comes to look and feel, we are still required Power Apps to be enhanced with lot of OOTB feature. This post gives you the nice trick to add gradient background to the entire screen.

Get Current User Information in SharePoint Framework with PnPJS

Here, you can get a hands-on on how to retrieve the current user information in a SharePoint Framework webpart using PnP JS Library

Microsoft Teams for Beginners 01 – How to create a new Team

First video in Microsoft Teams for Beginners video series. Here, you’ll be introduced to Microsoft Teams, where you’ll learn the complete information of Microsoft Teams and how to implement and how to collaborate. As a first video, you’ll be introduce to Teams world and how to create a new team.

Recycle SharePoint File Version using CSOM

Demonstration of how to recycle the file version from the library in SharePoint using Client Side Object Model

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