Summarizing Content in Power Apps with AI Prompts: A How-To Guide

In this tutorial, we'll explore step-by-step instructions and empowering you to unlock the full potential of AI prompts for content summarization within Power Apps.

Prompt serve as clear instructions that we can provide to Large Language Models (LLMs), yielding improved outcomes. The Power Platform offers a range of prebuilt AI prompts which can be utilized within Power Apps and Power Automate solutions. 

Now, let’s explore how to utilize the Summarize AI prompt within Power Apps to condense an entire paragraph and retrieve the desired result. 

Go to the Power Apps home page 

Click on “Create” in the left-hand side navigation menu 

Under the “Create your app” section, choose “Blank app 

Next, give a name to your application and opt for “Table view” from the creation page 

Once your application is created, navigate to the “Data” option in the left menu. 

Next, select “Add data” and search for “AI Summarize” under the data sources. 

Select AI Summarize Prompt

Since I have activated the Modern controls in the PowerApps application, proceed by adding the following controls to the table view. 


Control  Property 


Text Canvas  Text: Enter Paragraph 


Text Input  Name: txtPara 


Text Canvas  Text: Summarized Content 


Text canvas  Name: txcResult 


Button  Name:btnSummarize , Text:Summarize 

Add Controls to PowerApps

In the onSelect property of the btnSummarize control, include the following expression, 

Set(gblResult,'AI Summarize'.Predict(txtPara.Value).Text)

Next , choose the txcResult control and set its Text property to the variable “gblResult 

AI Summarize final output

Subsequently, input a paragraph into the designated Input box and proceed by clicking the Summarize button. This action will trigger the AI Summarize prompt model and exhibit the response result in the txcResult control. 

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