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Exploring Microsoft Graph API – Create Sharing link for a specific user’s

How to use the Microsoft Graph API to create a Sharing link for a particular link in SharePoint Online and Onedrive.

Introduction to Voice authentication using JavaScript

Learn how to use the open-source frameworks to do the Voice recognition and validation using JavaScript and Hugging space model from Microsoft

Exploring Microsoft Graph API – Get Guest Users

Get the guest users from the Tenant or Organization using Microsoft graph API

Exploring Microsoft Graph API- List all Microsoft 365 Groups

If you want to show Microsoft 365 groups anywhere with less code. Here’ s blog and I would like to show you how to do this.

New version of Microsoft Graph Toolkit Editor SPFx webpart

Earlier version uses the old version of Microsoft Graph Toolkit and SharePoint Framework.Now it’s the time to upgrade and support the new feature in both.

Export Users with no birthday set in profile using Microsoft 365 CLI

How to get the Users with no Birthday information in a Profile using Microsoft 365 CLI

SPFX + Microsoft Graph Toolkit – Show all Application registrations in SharePoint

Today I have started a series to show the power of Microsoft Graph API along with SharePoint Framework by using Microsoft Graph Toolkit….

Different ways to send mails using Microsoft 365 CLI

Learn how to send emails in different ways and which technology is behind the Microsoft 365 CLI commands.

Export all WebParts from modern site pages using Microsoft 365 CLI

There are a lot of scenarios for the developers and administrators who needs this script to fetch the list of modern web parts used in all modern site pages.

How to get Flows associated to the SharePoint List

You can learn how to get the flow instances and flow templates associated with the SharePoint Lists / Libraries using REST API

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